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Planter Monitoring System

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MP36 & MP36 PRO

The Agrosystem MP36 is manufactured in Brazil and offers compatibility with existing planters on the market, so that the producer can monitor up to 36 fertiliser and seed lines on a single monitor. Additionally, the MP36 is compatible with the Fieldview® platform.

  • Compatible with Climate Fieldview®, monitoring planting row by row;

  • Performs two modes of operation
    1.  Monitoring seed drop or fertilizer flow;  
    2.  Seed planting rate per meter and hectare;

  • Compatibility with DICKEY-john and Agrosystem seed sensors.

  • Identifies lines in need of maintenance.

  • Monitors tractor speed and hectares (planted area)

  • Simplified setup and operation.

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MP36 compatible with Climate Fieldview,
for row-by-row planter monitoring 

* The MP36 monitor connects to Climate Fieldview with the addition of a Novatel Ag-Star antenna.

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Download the Quick Reference guide

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