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Spraying Control
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Spraying is a very important task on the farm. You have to apply herbicides and pesticides continuously to eliminate invasion of your field and crop. In the soil you have to eliminate invader insects and plants that want to consume or compete with your crop. In the orchards and vineyards you have insects, field moulds and deceases. Export and consumer regulations is more relevant now than ever before.

The HxGN AgrOn sprayer control system take you into the world of planning, execution and most importantly validation of the work performed. The sprayer control system is compatible with various types of boom and orchard sprayers as well as a large variety of flow control, section control valves and nozzles to enable customisation of your current sprayer. 

Combining the sprayer control system with precision guidance and auto steer creates a formidable farming operation. 

Spray Control Benefits

It performs automatic control of spray sections, minimising overlap in application of inputs and avoiding excess and failures during application. It also allows automatic control of the flow, guaranteeing optimal inputs dosages even if the machine speed varies. The product sends an alarm when the operation is outside of the compatible range of the selected nozzle or out of the working speed range.

SPRAY CONTROL Onboard Controllers Functi

Characteristics Include:
Automatic control of the spray section
Enables manual section control
Automatic section closing, avoiding excessive spraying
Allows installation with several valve assemblies in various types of sprayers
Monitors and controls the application of one or two liquid inputs (herbicides)

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