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Precision Parts for Precision Applications

Dickey-john Precision Parts

...Compatability is crucial. 

DICKEY-john is the leader in precision farming electronics and sensors since 1966, enabling numerous OEM tractor and implement manufacturers to offer precision agriculture systems to optimise yield and to lower costs.

All DICKEY-john precision systems are made up of the highest quality sensors, encoders, flow meters, task controllers and harnesses with full system integration at heart.

With this many options and an OEM Brand agnostic approach, DICKEY-john ensures to be the number one choice in sensor, harness and AG component technologies. 


Universal ISOBus &                       Parts

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The Application Rate Sensor



The Application Rate Sensor is used to measure shaft rotation speed. This sensor is very important for precise calibration of your implement as well as validating changes in speed and application of chemicals and seeds as prescribed by the ISOBus controller.

Typical uses:

  1. Measuring the shaft rotation speed on row planter carts for validating the applied turn-out rate as per chain or hydraulic drives.

  2. Measuring the shaft rotation speed on the hydraulically driven gearbox shafts of fertiliser and lime spreaders. 

Since implements are calibrated for the application of seeds and fertilisers at certain rates and speed, this sensor evaluates and provides the required feedback for the variable rate application system.

Hydraulic Proportional Valve



Proportional Flow Control Valves are electrical variable two-way, pressure-compensated spool valves and can be used with either open or closed-center hydraulics.

Typical uses:

  1. For control of hydraulic drives on row planters. By regulating the pressure the system increase or decrease the shaft rotation speed and therefore compensating for tractor speed or the desired application rate needs.

  2. For control of hydraulic drives on fertiliser spreaders. By regulating the pressure the system increase or decrease the shaft rotation speed and therefore compensating for tractor speed or the desired application rate needs.

Since implements are calibrated for the application of seeds and fertilisers at certain rates and speed, the Proportional Control Valve is a very important component in the precision, variable rate system. Available in 4, 8 and 25 gallon per minute flow rates. 


Two-,  and Three-way Regulating Control Valves with Actuator





The Two- ,and Three-way Regulating Control Valves with Actuators are used as a master control valve for regulating the flow of liquid herbicides and pesticides between the pump and the boom sections. Three-way valves can be used to dump the excess or over pressurised material back into the tank. The Two-way valves can be used for orchard sprayers as well as anhydrous NH3 applications.


Pressure and throughput flow variation is required for most variable rate spraying applications.

The stainless steel design allows for higher pressure as well as more corrosive liquid applications. 

The control valves are available in a variety of pipe diameter sizes and are compatible with most precision sprayers. 

Valves available in stainless steel, carbon steel, and polypropylene.


Two-, and Three-way Shut-off valves




The Two-, and Three-way Shut-off valves are used as section control valves. They are typically positioned between the Master Regulating Control Valve and the spray nozzles. These units can be used as a single or as "banked together" units. Commonly referred to as a valve bank.


The Actuator controls the open and close functionality of the valve. In the open position liquid should flow to the relevant section with nozzles to apply the liquid herbicide or pesticide.

In the closed position, the third line of the valve is utilised to take the liquid back into the tank. The open and closed status is determined by the variable-rate prescription as well as the guidance system which should prevent overlapping previously sprayed areas.

The number of shut-off valves in the bank determines the number of sections to be controlled. This typically varies with the sprayer boom length, optimal section width, and number of actuators the ISOBus or Ag controller can control at a time. The valves are available in various pipe diameter sizes.


Flow Meters



Flow meters are a valuable component in any liquid material application system. They give valuable feedback and validation to the Ag controller in terms of flow rates achieved through the system.


Dickey-john have various models to choose from. Pipe diameter and the desired flow rate requirements should be considered.

Stainless steel models available for higher pressure and corrosive materials.


Implement Lift Switch



The implement Lift Switch is another very important switch in the planting system. The lift switch is the primary trigger to many of the complex functions on the planter or applicator. When lowering the tillage gear the lift switch triggers the start of the process against the GPS coordinates in the field. Accurate field data recording starts with when the implement is starting to do its job. All evaluation in terms of actual areas worked, plant population, and applied rates begins with clearly identifying if the implement is in the ground or not. Lift switches have saved lives before by successfully shutting off anhydrous NH3 applicators when things went wrong. 

lift switch.jpg

Hopper Level Sensor



The Hopper Level Sensor provides the user with a low-level warning inside seed and fertiliser bins on planters and applicators.

By selecting a suitable height inside the bins the operator can receive low levels of seed and fertiliser before it runs out. The operator can in such cases still finish the row before refilling with product or seeds.

The Hopper Level Sensor really adds value by limiting time and fuel wastage associated with planters that run empty in the middle of a pass.

Can be used for Air seeder bins, row planters, applicators, and spreader bins. 


Vigilense Blockage Sensor



The Vigilense Blockage Sensor offers World-class accuracy in a blockage sensor. The sensor is easy to install and detects all sizes of seeds and granular fertilisers. 

The sensor can be used with air seeders and grain drills.

Vigilense Blockage Sensor_shadow.jpg

High-Rate Seed Sensor



The High-Rate Seed Sensor offers the most accurate seed sensing with improved population counts, detecting even the smallest seeds like milo, beets, and cotton.

The sensor can be used with various planter brands. Available as a sensor only or combined with the required seed tube for your planter brand.

Hy Rate Plus_w Seed Tube.jpg

Please consult our Dickey-john Parts Catalogue for even more compatibility options

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