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  Seeding and Planting Control
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A good crop could only be expected when optimum soil preparation has been done followed by planting seed to the correct population and row widths. Implements and planters gets bigger and wider by the day covering more hectares in a single work shift. Controlling these planters are key to optimise the application of seed and fertilisers.


 Automated planter control system leveraged during agricultural operations allows automatic clutch opening and closing and shuts down hydraulic motors that drive lines without the need for mechanical stops or adaptations in the agricultural machines. It allows planting and fertilisation to be performed simultaneously.

Planting Control Benefits

Reduces planting failures
Reduces operating risks
Better planting effectiveness
Better spacing between seedlings


Characteristics Include:

Includes high precision controller
Controls up to four simultaneous inputs
Simple calibration and operation
Allows variable rate planting of seed or billets
Monitors and controls each section of seed/billets or fertiliser
Exclusive for grain and sugarcane operations
Integrated to the Ti7 display
Includes the Remote Access add-on module

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