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Granular Material Application

Designed for incredibly accurate, yet simple chemical and fertiliser spreading and spraying.

Fertiliser is considered as one of the highest input commodities.  Neglecting the efficient application thereof have both direct and indirect consequences.  The actual capital outlay can increase by over applying and the crop yield you are waiting for can be severely affected in yield and in plant health.  

Modern precision farming practices make use of technology, sampling and analysis to analyse soil needs resulting in application prescriptions in line with the soils' potential. These evaluations not only aim to bring the variability of the soil under control but also to exclude areas in the field where the potential for production is just not there.

Fertiliser application is but one of various dry material applications which needs to be controlled. Dickey-john application and application rate sensors are designed for incredible accuracy, yet simple to use and integrate to your new system or upgrading your implement to a higher precision level. 


Granular Material Application - ISO6

                                                                       This is what you need :  Typical Installation Layout 


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