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Auto Steering and Guidance
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Guidance and Auto Steering systems goes hand in hand, complementing each and every task performed in the field. Its not just about drawing straight lines, its about using your tractor and implements with surgical accuracy and application in the field optimising land usage for crop production.

It starts by choosing the right guidance requirement for the task at hand. 

The Hexagon Ti5 and Ti7 AgrOn controllers gives you the benefit to decide and subscribe as needed. Both controllers function as a standard with the freely available GNSS-L1 GPS / GLONASS signal with a pass to pass accuracy of 28 cm within 15 minutes. 

Available Subscription Signals
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Auto Steer Benefits

By selecting the fully electric Hexdrive Auto steer system or the compatible hydraulic auto steer system you will cut down on operator fatigue by seamlessly achieving pass to pass accuracy on the guidance lines in delicate slope and contour maneuvering as well as repetitive coverage tasks that require accuracy between planted rows and orchard lines. 

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Characteristics include:

Electric or Hydraulic activation options

Includes an incline and abrupt maneuver correction system

Enables work on straight lines, curves and pivots, keeping the vehicle on the line even in difficult positions

Adaptable to most tractors on the market

High performance assuring better adjustment to the route

Ability to load lines projected in the office as well as from previous operations in the field

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