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Digitising Agriculture and Forestry
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Creating Smart Change is a core value within Hexagon Agriculture.  Aligning geospatial know-how with sensing and software technology is creating the latest dimension in understanding and optimisation within agriculture, sugar production and forestry industries. 


Hexagon Agriculture is leading through hardware and software innovation and present tailor made solutions to farmers, tractor and tillage equipment manufacturers and businesses alike. 

Machine and Implement Control Systems 

AgrOn Onboard Control Displays

Open signal and Terrastar prescription signal guidance

Variable rate, prescription fertilisation and validation on spreaders

Section control, prescription spraying and validation on boom and orchard sprayers

Seed and fertiliser blockage monitoring on row planters and air seeders

Depth monitoring, control and validation on sub-soiling rippers

Hexdrive all-electric Auto-steer

Hydraulic Auto-steer

Remote Sensing and Analytics 

Optimisation is all about planning and execution. Hexagon SWS cloud based software and AgrOn logistics control room are fundamental remote sensing and analytic platforms to facilitate forestry, sugar and farming to the next level. Work flow and execution are validated on these platforms utilising the machine control systems and ancillary sensors and components to get the most out of your operation.

SWS Fleet Management and AgrOn Logistics Benefits
Field Crops
Forestry and Orchards

Machine Application Monitoring

Optimising workflow between control room and machines

Evaluation between planned work and achieved

Contractor evaluation platform and job validation

Cost savings on harvest planning and logistical planning

New crop planning platform and job assignments

Long and short haul transport assignment and evaluation of critical control points into production

Constant supply chain oversight 

Herbicide and Pesticide prescription vs. application reporting and recording

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