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Variable Rate Fertiliser Control
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Fertiliser is considered as one of the highest input commodities.  Neglecting the efficient application thereof have both direct and indirect consequences.  The actual capital outlay can increase by over applying and the crop yield you are waiting for can be severely affected in yield and in plant health.  

Modern precision farming practices make use of technology, sampling and analysis to analyse soil needs resulting in application prescriptions in line with the soils' potential. These evaluations not only aim to bring the variability of the soil under control but also to exclude areas in the field where the potential for production is just not there.

The HXGN AgrOn controllers facilitate these variable rate prescriptions with the needed application rate sensing and hydraulic intervention making it as easy as driving through the field. The system is compatible to most fertiliser spreaders and is calibrated per fertiliser type. Application validation in the form of field maps gives you the ease of mind that the prescription was well planned and executed. 

Fertiliser Control Benefits

Intelligently regulates and automates the application of limestone and fertiliser, avoiding waste and stoppage while also showing application coverage in real-time. The application process with the product causes the soil nutrients to be equalised. With this, it is possible to better rationalise the use of inputs.


Characteristics Include:

Calibration and simple operation
High precision controller
Visualization of application traces during operation
Detailed operation information records
Monitors and controls the application of up to three solid inputs
Import maps previously defined in the office

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