Take your precision farming to the next level.

Spread, Spray, Plant, Monitor and Guide yourself to more profitable farming. 

Ronin System Solutions is the trusted technology provider to the South African farmer. By promoting "Start Smart", Ronin continuously evaluate and provides better, more cost effective precision farming systems. Ronin offers solutions for precision guidance, variable rate fertiliser control, spray-boom section control, auto steering, precision planting and monitoring, ISOBus systems, yield monitoring as well as quality integration parts and components like flow meters, seed sensors, application rate sensors, liquid and hydraulic flow control valves and weather stations. Ronin is proudly associated with the following brands.





AG Controllers    
Material Application    
Seed & Fertiliser Monitoring    
Auto Steering Systems    
Ground Speed Sensing  
Grain Analysis on Farm    
Soil Compaction    
Yield Monitoring

DICKEY-john provides an innovative line of electronics for farmers worldwide. Put the power of DICKEY-john's industry-leading instrumentation in your fields.

The RDS Ceres 8000i uses precise optical sensing technology to monitor, display and record grain yield alongside moisture content, speed, area, work rate and harvest rate.


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